Pretty Little Liars // Spencer


It's been a hard time for me lately and Lj is not my home right now. I'll be back, I know that for sure, I just don't know when.
In the meantime you can find me on tumblr obsessing over James Franco.
TVD // Caroline HBIC

friends cut done

Friends cut done. If you can't see this entry you've been cut.
I'm sorry about the ones that I had to cut, but I just had to. Now I have only 59 friends wich is enough for me. If you think I made a mistake please comment. Everyonelse please remove me.
(I'm pissed about someone who cut cut me so I know how you feel - well I wasn't a great friend so I don't think you're pissed, but still-)
TVD // Caroline HBIC


So... does anyone want a invite? Here you can find everything you need to know. I need more points and by inviting you I can earn them! And then I can have free stuff on next redemption! So can you of course, after you recived my invitation. Y/Y? Leave me your email address in the comments! Comments are screened of course.